Geometry Sacred Items

In the ancient times geometry sacred items were the most worshipping things. From the Mayans to  the today world some people still believe in geometry sacred items. Literally its something belongs to god. Not only the eastern countries but also the western part of the world is believing on that. If we look closely on the things which we are seen on our day today life, We can notice that all natural creatures are geometry. Even ourselves as humans are geometrical.

In the modern world we love to have jewellery s households like wall paintings and all in a form of geometry. That’s how our mind is working. We all love them because of something belong with the nature and us humans.

When it comes to designing some designers believe that if they use geometry rules on there designs, So, the design have more chances on getting success. If we think deeply it may be right. Just think that, We all love geometry items and the looking of geometry. As I said earlier our minds are working on that way. On this matter, If someone make something according to geometry our minds getting to love that.

In the natural world look at all the things. They all are in geometry forms. From the Sun, Moon & Earth to the little leaf on a plants are almost geometry. Yes, We have to accept that somethings are not. But mostly are that type of things. On the Photography field there is a rule called golden rule. Its also something that belongs with geometry. You can Search that on google ‘ Golden Rule’ if you need to learn more.

Geometry sacred items – some people throw those things as thinking they are myths. But we can still see some people who are following those myths (Or not) in these days.

Myths or not we all can have our own thoughts. Its our freedom. But on we are going to talk about some geometry sacred items on our website. It will come from the Nature, Sports, Cocking, Stationary and all the things. So, Stay in touch. We will get back to you very soon.